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Bengaluru - Mysore - Bengaluru on bicycle in a single day

It was a team of crazy BBC . I was one of the newest entrant to the group, who started the first ride as a part of the group in the month end of April 2010 to Nandi Hill. I did manage to reach the peak and but failed to reach home by about 10 to 15 Kms and had to catch an auto. Well, I managed it the next time very comfortably, that in spite of pretty bad head wind on return... that was in July end where about 150 people rode to the same destination at the same time. Though I had done three century rides by this time, I wanted to try a tripple century in a single day. Since I myself was not sure, I thought I would go to some popular place where return would get other options if I break down on the way.... chose Mysore... pestered big guys in BBC like Yogesh to initiate one for Mysore. August 28th was planned. I enrolled for the 300 Km in a single day category as there were various other categories. I had a bus ticket on that night to Coimbatore at 23:00. So, I had to be home by 1