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Kangsoi or Chamthong

How to make kangsoi or chamthong, Manipuri staple vegetable stew? There are two styles I make. One with oil. Traditionally it used to be without oil. Without oil is what one should take if there is fever. With oil:   - cut some garlic, onion   - sizzle in oil, don't overheat the oil or char the garlic/onion   - Add chopped vegetables (mostly green - beans or even leafy ones), potato slices. ginger and green chillies   - Stir it for a couple of minutes   - Add water, enough to submerge the vegetables. Too much water will reduce the taste of the soup.   - Add turmeric powder, optionally a bit of pepper/jira powder   - Add salt.   - You can add any other vegetables that require less cooking after boiling the other vegetables for a minute. E.g. cauliflower or spinach can be added after boiling others for a minute.   - You can boil without pressure, in which case, boil for about 7 minutes.   - Or, close pressure cooker lid, but switch off just at one whistle. All 2 minutes stay closed.