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A couple of marathon to my name - finally!

You are stupid and inexperienced if your first half of the race is faster than the second half. You are untrained if you cannot run above zone 3 for a full marathon. You are stupid if you don't plan your hydration and nutrition for a race that takes more than 3 hours. Waiting for opportinity I hadn't run a marathon till October 2014. But I had done one in Lalbagh garden in 2012 on my own. But generally, I don't have the motivation to go out and run such a long distance without the right atmosphere. Bangalore didn't have any such event except the oddly timed mid-night marathon, which has very unattractive course. I also don't have the time and energy to travel to other cities to do one. So, when Bengaluru Marathon ( ) was first announced, I jumped in immediately and I was one of the early birds to register getting free tees. 2014 Bengaluru Marathon I set a 3 hours target for this marathon. This is a stiff target, specially consid

A shot at locally tailored iron man triathlon

What: A locally tailored ironman equivalent triathlon event (3.8 km swimming, 190 km cycling and 42.2 km running), organized by Chennai Trekking Club. When: 15th December 2013 Where: Chennai Official Finishers Deepak did bike and run, but had to skip swimming. He continued mainly to give me companion. I always keep looking for challenges as and when it happens around and when the fees are not exorbitant. I don't mind paying a bit higher fee if I can save the travel time and cost. So, when CTC conducted their first equivalent of half ironman in Nagala in November 2012, I immediately registered and convinced Peter that I wouldn't drown even if I had to spend a whole day in water! I had done a half marathon by then (Kaveri Trail Marathon 2011) besides two 25 km Bangalore Ultra (2010 and 2011). I had also done a 1000 km brevet by then (June 2012). Yet, Peter wanted to see my swimming in one of the swimming pool (Velachari?) a few weeks before the event. But I

Time Trial Bike Setup - Basic and Easy One

Time Trial is all about being aerodynamic. You can read elsewhere on drag co-efficient and drag resistance and why it is the single most important factor in anything in a stream of air or water. Rolling resistance is just too small a factor at higher speed. You can also read elsewhere why we need to maintain various body angles - at knee, at hip flexor, at shoulder and elbows - to be effective and comfortable. Here, my attempt is to come up with a quick TT bike setup where we can start as a base. This setup does not require any equipment or second person. All we need is a set of allen keys and a linear scale. Crank Arm Length It must be noted that having longer crank arm is detrimental to the aerodynamic position as it would force the seat to be lower to be able to reach the bottom stroke and at the same time, the knee would need to bend further at the upper stroke causing very close angle between thigh and abdomen (hip extension angle) when trying to be in aerodynamic position