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My tryst with 100 km trail running

100 km Bangalore Ultra 2012 I personally advocate running as the best fitness exercise, because it involves very less equipments (may be just a comfortable shoe) and benefits are achieved with a very little time spent. Last two years, I had been cycling long distances, starting from 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1000 km. To be honest, none of these had been physically challenging except for the deprivation of sleep I had to go through. Of course, none of these were races and that made the task much easier. My running experience I don't run as much as I would want to. I had in the past participated in a half marathon of Kaveri Trail Marathon (organized by Runners For Life) 2011. I clocked 1 hour 40 mins for the distance. I cannot even say that it was my best timing, because it was the only one I had done so far even till date. But I somewhere felt that it was a good timing and I'm proud of it. Then I did Bangalore Ultra 25 km distance (which is not exactly ultra distance)